Jimmy Kimmel Asks ‘Can Kindergartners See Jesus?’
We can't help but love local news programs. They never fail at bringing us some of the craziest people this country has to offer. For example, Fred Truluck, who believes to have seen a profile of Jesus Christ on a piece of a Corona beer box -- shaped like a fish, of course. But fear not, folks:…
Did the Face of Jesus Appear in a Woman’s Sock? [PHOTO]
Add a sock to the long list of odd places that the face of Jesus (or some kind of face) has appeared. Luckily for the son of God, it was a clean sock. In fact, Sarah Crane of Orpington England only noticed the famous face after she had left her recently laundered foot warmer out to dry overnight.
Jesus Christ The Dragon Tamer [VIDEO]
Did you know there was a bunch of stuff “left out” of the Bible? Does it bother you that you’re not getting the full story? Did you know that Jesus killed a couple of other kids when he was young?  Check out more after the break.