King – Suicide Girl Of The Day
Meet King, an Ohio Suicide Girl who's into cooking for friends and bruises and hates other people's drama. She may not look like one of the crazy variety, but this gal is all about the cats, fellas!
‘Thor’ Hottie – Kat Dennings [PHOTOS]
This weekend, the much anticipated 'Thor' comes to theaters.  First of all, this movie is going to be bad ass!  Second, I wanted to take a little bit closer look at one of the stars of 'Thor', Kat Dennings. See why I think she plays a vital role in the success of the mo…
The Big Four: What A Crock! [VIDEO]
Looks like I anticipated wrong again for the second straight post.  Apparently the BIG announcement for The Big Four is not a tour, but one show in California.  I'm pissed!