Why Dogs Do Circles Before Sitting or Going to the Bathroom
Have you ever had a question but you thought it was so stupid you wouldn't ask it? Well one of mine just got answered. Seems it wasn't such a stupid question after all. There has been actual research into this situation. I have always wondered why dogs do circles before sitting down or goi…
Audi Unleashes Doberhuahua in Super Bowl 2014 Commercial
Audi is known for being among the big three of German luxury automakers, so it makes sense that they would go all out in the latest of leaked Super Bowl 2014 commercials. This car commercial features an animal revving through the streets that is as pretty as it is powerful. It's cute, it's…
Funny Dogs with Eyebrows Will Make You Laugh Out Loud
Pets sometimes find themselves the butt of jokes at the hands of their, so called, human friends. It's harmless fun, well unless you're the pet and you find yourself in a YouTube video. That's what happened to these poor pooches when their human handlers decided to give them eyebrows.

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