Dog Sneaking Bread Crisp Caught on Hidden Camera
Most any of us that have pets know you can't leave food unattended and within reach or it will be gone when you get back. The dog in this video can't wait for his owner to walk off so he can grab a bread crisp off the table.
Chihuahua Does Yoga With Owner in Cute Video
We all enjoy having a workout companion. Someone who keeps us honest and provides a little competition is wonderful when you are trying to stay in shape. In this particular case that companion is a tiny chihuahua.
Here’s Proof That Most Dogs Can’t Resist a Water Sprinkler
I have an automatic water sprinkler at my house. Occasionally, I forget that it might be on when I let my dogs out to do their business. In doing so, they attack the sprinkler head like it's a chew toy. In fact, my small boxer, Katana, even dug around a few of the sprinklers like the little mutt she…

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