One-Legged Cheerleader Makes Exclusive University of Arkansas Team
The gravity-defying tosses, spins and flips of college cheerleading are hard enough to do on two legs. Now imagine trying to do them on one.
That's Patience Beard's reality, as the 18-year-old lost her left leg to an illness when she was a baby. But she's never let her lack of a limb hold her back, a…
College Football’s Cheerleaders – Texas Edition
They get the crowd pumped up for their team with their energy filled cheers. They stand behind their team, win or lose. They are a constant beacon of happiness that will put a smile on a face at any given time. Behind the thumping of drums, the roar of the crowd, and the adrenaline and fight on …
Cheerleaders Of All Flavors [PHOTOS]
I firmly believe ALL sports of ALL levels of competition need cheerleaders.  Seriously, think about how much more fun golf would be if there were cheerleaders.  Every sport needs cheerleaders...and here are many reasons why!