charlie sheen

Charlie Sheen: Winning Recipe [VIDEO]
In this video, Charlie Sheen shows off his culinary skills.  Since the weekend is around the corner, who wouldn't want to fire up the grill and serve up something everybody loves - winning!?
Charlie Sheen Fired
Our Warlock chief has been dismissed from the #1 comedy on t.v. (so much for that). This may go down as the stupidest move ever in an already hurting industry. (read more after the break).
Sheen’s Corner [VIDEO]
Charlie Sheen is now doing a web show. It obviously shows that he is self-aware of his crazy and has fun with it. The guy is almost a standup comedian. I don't think anyone has given him enough credit.
You Guys Are Warlocks
With apologies to Bill Maher, we have a new rule: Warlock is the new term for a "party animal". Read more after the break.
Charlie Sheen: Cool Dude Or Nut Case? [VIDEOS]
There is a new drug in the U.S and it's called, "Charlie Sheen". Check out the video of his interview on Good Morning America where he says he is clean from drugs, with exception of of this one drug called "Charlie Sheen".
Charlie Sheen In Hospital
CNN is reporting that actor Charlie Sheen has been hospitalized. It's being reported that he was taken out of his residence for "abdominal" cramps. Two women were seen leaving the residence as Charlie was taken out with a sheet over his face. Read more after the break.