Incredible "Avengers" Trailer Has Landed [VIDEO]
It’s hot, it’s here and it’s ready to go.  For those of you wondering how all of these superhero’s are going to look and work together in the movie, we have it for you.  Pay special attention to the Hulk catching Iron Man in mid-air!  There are some spectacular moments in this trailer, but the most …
‘Avengers’ Cast Assembles In Action-Packed Photos
The comic book blockbuster ‘The Avengers’ doesn’t drop until May of 2012, but Entertainment Weekly just whet the appetite of fans of the superhero team with a gallery of photos featuring Chris Evans as Captain America, Robert Downey Jr. as I…
Captain America Trailer [VIDEO]
I thought this one was going to be a little too "old school" for me, but it looks like they've done a heck of a job telling the story in a modern way. Let's here it for Captain America! Check out the trailer after the jump.