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Rock Show Photo Bombs Wichita Falls [PICS]
The term "photobomb" usually applies to someone sneaking into a picture and doing something silly in the background. With the Rock Show, any picture they put their ugly mugs in is a "photobomb". These are from the Avalanche Tour in Wichita Falls. The basic cast of characters a…
Avalanche Tour In Wichita Falls [PHOTOS]
The Rock Show made it to the Avalanche Tour in Wichita Falls to party with our sister station 106.3 The Buzz. We have a ton of pics, here's some from the later, drunker part of the night.
Stone Sour Live [VIDEO]
The Rock Show was fortunate enough to catch the Avalanche Tour twice. We've got some brief clips of headliner Stone Sour for you.
Stone Sour Live [PHOTOS]
Get pumped for the Texas run of The Avalanche Tour with these images of Stone Sour live in concert.
Stone Sour To Headline Avalanche Tour [VIDEO]
Talk about a killer show! Stone Sour will headline the first ever Avalanche Tour bringing some of the most kick ass bands together.  Tour dates  and cities after the jump plus Stone Sour's video to "Hesitate".