New Amazon Prime Instant Video Releases: April 2016
If you’re paying for Amazon Prime, you should be taking advantage of all the great new titles added to the Instant Video library each month. April brings new seasons of Veep and the critically-acclaimed British series Catastrophe, along with plenty of movies to stream from new favorites to ol…
New Amazon Prime Instant Video Releases: March 2016
If you’ve been paying for an Amazon Prime subscription, you should probably take advantage of their Instant Video offerings. March brings several new streaming options, including both original Ghostbusters films (to get you pumped for Paul Feig’s new ’busters), along with acclai…
Amazing Amazon Product Reviews
You can't make this stuff up. Product reviews are generally pretty tame stuff, but not with regards to Veet for Men on Amazon. I invite you to share in one of the best laughs I've had in a long time!
‘Zombieland’ TV Series Headed to Amazon?
A few days ago we heard the surprising, yet phenomenal report that CBS had decided to move forward with its 'Zombieland' TV series after all, after nearly two years spent in development. The series would pic up where Ruben Fleischer's 2009 film left off, albeit with new actors replacing the now-hous…

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