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Christmas Gift Ideas in Abilene
Regardless of Faith, many view the Christmas time of year as the time we give gifts. Big and small, there are a ton of cool gifts unique to the Abilene area that would be a great stocking stuffer or surprise under the tree.
New ‘Caribbean Cove’ Exhibit to Open at the Abilene Zoo
Here in Abilene, we are very fortunate to have one of the best zoos around. In fact, the Abilene Zoo is the number 1 attraction in the key city. And, it continues to get better with the opening of a new exhibit called 'Caribbean Cove' this Thursday (June 27th).
Abilene Zoo Celebrates Dyess Air Force Base
Abilene is a unique community with our ties to the military and Dyess Air Force Base. We have a great fondness of our military personnel that will be celebrated this weekend at the Abilene Zoo’s, Zoolute to Dyess day. Join in all fun activities Saturday, May 19th.