Check out what this genius did.  He got arrested for impersonating a cop by using a smart phone app.  What? Yeah, read on for more. 

This dude in Idaho, Alexander Welch, thought it would be a great idea to use his smart phone to impersonate a cop.  You know those apps you can get that have flashy lights, well, good ol' Alex here decided to use the one that flashes red and blue and try to pull a car over.  Unfortunately for Mr. Dumbass, another person driving behind him saw what he was doing, called the real cops and gave his license plate number to them.  Cops nabbed this smart phone wielding criminal and off to jail he went after the fuzz saw the app with the pretty blues and reds.

Nice going, Ace.

Anyway, so I have done some stupid stuff before - I think everybody has, but I have never tried to impersonate a cop.

What stupid minor criminal  things have you done that you look back and think, "Holy crap, I am a stupid moron for doing this"?

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(via CBS news)