The sign at CVS Pharmacy covers the old 'Hours Open" by a paper that says Now Open 24 hours

Photo by: Rudy Fernandez
Is Abilene growing or are we becoming a more nocturnal society? For as long as I can remember, Abilene only had a handful on convenience stores, a pharmacy and a Walmart open 24 hours. Today, there are at least three dozen businesses open 24hours a day.
Walmart on Southwest Drive store front at night

Photo by: Rudy Fernandez

Walmart Super Center


Abilene is fortunate enough to have two Walmart Super Centers. Both locations are open 24 hours. The full service bakery, deli counter and automotive departments are only open during their daytime operating hours of 7am until 8pm.
Walgreens store front at night

Photo by: Rudy Fernandez

Walgreens Pharmacy


Prior to Walgreens arrival in west Texas, people in Abilene relied on the pharmacy inside the hospital to get their medicines in the middle of the night otherwise, you would have to wait until morning. There are 4 Walgreens in Abilene and only South 14th location is open 24 hours a day.
CVS Pharmacy banner says OPEN 24 HOURS

Photo by: Rudy Fernandez

CVS Pharmacy


Abilene has 3 CVS Pharmacies and after an extensive remodel, the Buffalo Gap Road location started staying open 24 hours a day.
Allsup's Convenience Store

Photo by: Rudy Fernandez

Convenience Stores


Prior to 7-11 buying the family owned Skinny's convenience store chain in 2007, less than a handful of stores operated around the clock. Today, there are well over a doze stores open 24 hours a day like, Allsup's, 7-11, Wes-T-Go and Stripes.
Whataburger's famous 24 Hour Service sign

Photo by: Rudy Fernandez



If you get hungry in Abilene at 3 in the morning or 3 in the afternoon you're never too far from one of our 3 Abilene Whataburgers. As far as I know, Abilene Whataburgers have always been a 24/7 365 day operation.
The McDonalds sign says 24 Hour Drive-Thru

Photo by: Rudy Fernandez



I kept thinking, “for those of us who live near Buffalo Gap road and the Winters freeway, we sure are lucky to have a 24 hour McDonald's”. Come to find out, all 4 Abilene McDonald's are now staying open 24 hours, but it's drive-thru only. At least I can still have my Big-Mac and Mickey-D fries at 3 in the morning.
Planet Fittness is busy even at night

Photo by: Rudy Fernandez

Fitness Centers are alive and well at night


Since I've taken to eating burgers and fries at 3am, I'll need a 24 hour gym with a couple of trainers on hand to assist with the workout. Perfect just what I need, a full service workout facility complete with showers, tanning beds and aqua-message tables. Planet Fitness is new to Abilene and is open 24 hours. The other gyms like Anytime Fitness, The Power Shack and Golds Gym offer 24 hour access to their facilities. With no attendant on duty, you are on your own (so take a work-out partner).
Jack and Jill Donuts has kept many an Abilene Cop fed through the night

Photo by: Rudy Fernandez

Jack and Jill Donuts Shop


Laying all jokes aside, I can honestly say that I have never seen a cop car parked near or around an Abilene doughnut shop. However, that's not to say the keepers of the law, haven't been there I, just haven't seen them there. What I do see are, cars and people in there at every time of day or night. As the hand written sign on the door says, “we never close”. Jack and Jill Donuts is Abilene's longest running 24 hour business.
3 people walking up to an IHOPrestaurant at night

Photo by: Flickr/kkennedy

IHop the restaurant that never closes


Whether it's pancakes or a T-bone steak or a light salad, IHop has always been able to keep Abilene fed. Whether it's after church or a night out on the town our Abilene IHOP is always open, even during their recent remodel. I'll take the Rooty Tooty Fresh and Fruity please.
Denny's store front entrance at night

Photo by: Flickr/Sun Dazed

Denny's Restaurant


Denny's restaurant is on Interstate 20 next door to La Quinta motel. When the road gets long and weary in the middle of the night, travelers have a friendly companion, Denny's. I know for me it's pretty much, out of sight, out of mind. There are those special occasions, when I start craving that Grand slam special at 3am.