Stone Sour's new album, 'House of Gold and Bones Part 1' hits stores very soon,and ahead of the new release, the band has released the official video for the song 'Gone Sovereign'. 

I've said it before, that this is the album that Stone Sour should have sounded like all along.  Don't get me wrong, the others were good albums in their own right.  But, based off of the two new songs I've heard, the new album is going to peel faces off.

The band starts a world tour later this month, which runs through March of 2013.

Part 1 of 'House of Gold and Bones' comes out October 22nd, with part 2 coming out sometime next year.  I can't wait for either one of them to drop.

Check out the video and let us know what you think of it.

Stone Sour 'Gone Sovereign' Official Video