These days a lot of people think that facts are malleable, that they can be shaped to suit ones needs. No. Stop it.

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The fact is that the Grand Canyon is a giant hole in the earth. Good, follow so far? You also need to accept the fact that that the human body cannot fly on it's own. Neither of these things are opinions, because you cannot disprove either statement. These are known as facts.

But, you say, everyone once thought the earth was flat and that was a fact. That's not a bad attempt grasshopper, but at that time that "fact" had not been tested by those traveling around the world or by spaceships able to actually see that the earth is round.  So yes, in extreme circumstances some things were thought of as "facts" because of ignorance.

Now, we have a claim out there that "millions of people voted illegally in the last election".  Now first, let's try to depoliticize this. I don't know why this is a thing, because the side that is making the claim won, so I don't even know why this is a thing. Anyways, back to the claim. This claim is not factual, meaning there is no proof, no facts that it really happened.  Don't you think that if "millions of people voted illegally in the last election" that you might see proof of a one, or even a thousand doing it?

"Facts" are "things you can verify".  I can easily "verify" that the Grand Canyon is indeed a giant hole in the ground and that the human body cannot fly on it's own. It cannot be verified that "millions voted illegally", so it is not a fact.

Once again, please don't take the example here as the goal or reason for this blog. There are many instances of things that are currently being presented as "facts", but this is the most newsworthy and trending.  We can verify that man landed on the moon and that vaccines work. It can't be verified that we faked the moon landing or that vaccines cause autism.

All of this is VERY important because we still have a lot of America feuding over our direction and BOTH sides are going to try to stretch the truth. Don't fall for it. Accept the facts and don't be ignorant.