In years, I guess I’m old. Some very tough times put a little age on my ass as well. I’m even a little busted up physically from an accident or two. Mentally though, I’m young. I like current music, I keep up with the world, I still enjoy a night out and I still get out my bass guitar once in a while.

In comparative terms, I’m about the same age as the guys in Metallica and younger than the singer in Slayer (not a bad crowd to be lumped in with). It’s guys like these that make me wonder why other people “get old”. It’s weird , at some point we’re supposed to mellow out and start listening to all the crap you listened to as a kid. Hispanics and Black people rarely do this; they’ll throw down “old school” every now and them but they tend to stay current with what is going on with music and culture.

In some ways I’m very old and glad to be that way. I love the fact that some of the younger kids at Nightmare and at concerts call me “pops” and reach out for a hug (you can tell some of these kids just don’t get enough love at home and I’m glad to be there for them). I’m glad that I’m old enough that security and cops know they can’t mess with me (they know I’m old enough to know when they’re pulling some crap). I’m glad that I’m old enough, or experienced enough to stand up for anybody. You know it’s hard for a kid to get the attention of the city government, but I feel like I can and I can use that age and influence to help people younger than me.

I once said to a kid that I felt silly that a guy my age was so in love with Slipknot's c.d. and his response was “music has no age”. Yeah, I want to get in pit too, but it’s my size and not my age that keeps me out of there. Still I managed two nights at the Avalanche tour, one defending my space on the barricade. I can, and will rock out with the best of them.

All of this said, I think the greatest thing about getting old is; I can be an advocate for the young. I just think your arguments are better heard when self interests aren’t in the way. It’s the same reason why I speak up for the legalization of pot; I think it carries more weight that I, a NON-potsmoker, even thinks a drug war against marijuana is stupid.

I hope I can stay around a little bit longer and enjoy the rock. I know there’s a lot of you out there older than me who still do and a lot of musicians who still do it live.

So yeah, I’m 49. My birthdays coming up January 12th. What are going to get an old fart?