A guilty pleasure is something we do that we enjoy, but feel guilty about. Primarily, the guilt is because we don't want anyone else to know about said pleasure. For example, if you're a health food nut, eating junk food late at night might be a guilty pleasure.

Well, I have my own guilty pleasures that I'm gonna out myself on now.

Why? Because I lost a bet to Chaz and I have to honor said bet.

The first one would be my love of soap operas, primarily General Hospital. Obviously, watching 'soaps' isn't a manly thing, but I started watching them years ago with my nanny because that's what she wanted to watch. Later in life I grew to like them because they're loaded with hot chicks. Then, I got sucked into the story-lines and now I'm hooked. Shamefully hooked.

The next guilty pleasure is one my wife mocks me for, mini-vans. My brother has this bad-ass mini-van (Odyssey, I believe) and it's like being in the space shuttle. That, and it has a ton of room. Again, shamefully in love with mini-vans.

Sleeping in is another guilty pleasure. The guilt resides because I always feel like I missed out on something when I wake up late. But, it sure is nice to sleep late. Especially for someone like me, who wakes up earlier than the rooster crows.

Another guilty pleasure happens to be from Sonic. Their chili-cheese fries are freakin' amazing. There was a time in my life that it wasn't really a guilty pleasure, even though I ate them all the time. Now that I'm in better health and lower weight, I definitely feel guilty about eating them. The guilt, though, doesn't last long because chili-cheese fries from Sonic are worth going to jail for.

My last guilty pleasure happens to be social networks, like Facebook and Twitter. Like most people, I spend way too much time on them. The upside is that my job requires me to be active on these sites, so I can hide my guilt behind my employer.

There you have it. I paid my debt to Chaz and filled you in on my guilty pleasures. What are some of yours?