Fans of Activision’s ‘True Crime’ series have had to wait longer for satisfaction than Tim Tebow (because he’s a self-professed virgin and is saving himself for mar… aw, forget it). But now the series, which was shelved by its original publisher, is back under a different name, with new gaming Goliath Square Enix at its back.

‘Sleeping Dogs,’ formerly known as ‘True Crime: Hong Kong,’ will have us roaming mean streets and cracking Triad heads August 14. The open-world shoot-em-up looks to be a John Woo film come to videogame life.

Wait, a John Woo film did come to videogame life before. It was called ‘Stranglehold,’ came out five years ago and was forgotten faster than your sister after we promised her we’d call. Regardless, we’re still hot for some Hong Kong gangland action, so we’ll make sure to clear our schedule in mid-August.

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