Saturday my mom and I went to eat and the restaurant was playing country music. Kenny Rogers “Lucille” came on and my mom starts laughing, I asked what was up. She was remembering all the wrong words my brother and I both sang to that song.

The song goes: “You picked a fine time to leave me Lucille, with 4 hungry children and a crop in the field”. My brother sang it: “You picked a PINE time to leave…..” . My lyrics were ” …..with 400 children and crops in the field.” I remember thinking, “dang that’s a lot of kids”. We both eventually learned the correct lyrics.

Then there was the time my mom came to my room, I was probably in Jr. high, my brother might have been 7 or 8. Mom asked me to come listen and see what song he was singing (he had his door shut but was singing at the top of his lungs). ” I’m a cheerio, I’m a cheerio, I’m a cheerio girl.” The song was “Material Girl” from Madonna. I started cracking up and he wasn’t too happy to find us outside his door making fun of him.

However, mom has her own lyrics to songs as well. A few years ago there was a song “Dust on the Bottle” mom thought it was “Dust on the Bible”. She kept saying, “that song doesn’t make sense”. It does if you’re singing the right lyrics.

When I was in High School my friends little sister and her friend were singing along with the radio and we were listening from the hallway and rolling on the floor.   They soon took a break and went to the kitchen so we hid a tape recorder under the bed to catch the next round of singing.  We laughed the rest of the night replaying that tape over and over and over again.

Rudy Fernandez likes to sing the Star Spangled Banner in Spanish: “Jose can you see…..” and we all know the words are ” O! say can you see, by the dawns early light”. He, of course, is changing the words purposely but it’s really funny when it’s by mistake.

I know we have all done it and it’s always worth a good laugh. There are some websites out there that highlight wrong song lyrics, one of which is  You will find some hilariously wrong song lyrics on there.

So what songs have you butchered or changed the lyrics to and later found out you had been singing them all wrong?