Back in March, Konami planned on hitting us with a three-hit Silent Hill combo. But then things didn’t go quite according to plan, with the new release Silent Hill: Downpour and the remake anthology Silent Hill HD Collection both garnering mediocre reviews and likely disappointing sales.

Unwilling to strike out with the Vita offering, Silent Hill: Book of Memories, the publisher decided to take a breath, wait for the stench of the Silent Hill stink bombs to fade away — maybe spit-shining the game in the meantime — before releasing it.

The problem is, Konami keeps delaying Book of Memories, and is no longer bothering to tell people about it. Destructoid noticed an Amazon listing for the game dated for the far-off date of Oct. 31.

The downside about games that get delayed multiple times is that they more often than not turn out to be irredeemable stinkers. Both the Vita and the Silent Hill series badly need another win, so we hope that’s not the case. But if it is, it’s probably best for everyone just to delay the game permanently.