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It's Time To Take Your Dogma Out For A Wash
Yeah, there are so many different puns to choose from with a blog like this. It was tough. Anyways, here's some food for thought based on a meme I saw a listener post.
Can You Plant Fruit Trees In Texas?
When I was a kid in Southern Califonia we had three trees in our backyard, an orange tree, an avocado tree, and an apricot tree. We had so much fruit growing that one of young Wes's favorite activities was throwing fruit at cars (when you're a kid an avocado looks just like a gre…
What the Heck Is Amazon Prime Day?
For those of you new to online shopping, Amazon Prime Day may be a bit of a mystery. For regular users, it's like the "Black Friday" of shopping at Amazon.
My Top Ten Metal Albums
I guess I'm mostly old school. Some of you might know that I hosted the night shift on FMX during the real launch of what is not called metal. With my "Midnight Metalshop" show I was able to play release from bands like Queensrche and Twisted Sister before they were even signe…
Get To Know Little Miss Nasty
What you have here is a multi-level art project. There is a band called "Gina & The Eastern Bloc". Some elements and/or people from that band have side burlesque troop called, "Little Miss Nasty".
Lawmakers Are Proposing A Porn Tax On Phones And Tablets
In the latest little bit of nonsense, lawmakers in states including Texas are looking to up the nanny-state tactics and fill their pockets by taking away your liberties. Yeah, that's what it really is: a cash grab.
Science Doesn't Care What You Believe
I have a vague memory of one of the first science experiments I ever saw. I don't remember the ultimate lesson, but part of it was sugar+water=sweet water.  That's some real basic stuff, but when you're 3 or 4 you don't know how Kool-Aid works, you just think it exists.
Dumping Oil Is Illegal and Really Not Cool
I am completely down with do-it-yourselfers. I understand some do it to save money, some just like the satisfaction and some straddle both lines. None of these are good reasons to poison the ground.