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Enjoy A Full Buck Moon This Friday
In some parts of the world there will be a "Blood Moon", unfortunately, it's a plain ole "Buck Moon" for the U.S. and Canada.
Please Don’t Give Your Kid A Weird Name
My real first name is Wes. I was seriously bummed on more than one occasion when I couldn't get my name on novelty license plates or door plaques as a kid. It was almost like everyone at the Disneyland gift shop was giving a giant white Mickey middle finger to the few kids out there named Wes.
The Black T-Shirt Life Hack
The thing with hacks is that half the people think "no, duh" and the other half think, "why didn't I think of that?"
It's Time To Take Your Dogma Out For A Wash
Yeah, there are so many different puns to choose from with a blog like this. It was tough. Anyways, here's some food for thought based on a meme I saw a listener post.
Can You Plant Fruit Trees In Texas?
When I was a kid in Southern Califonia we had three trees in our backyard, an orange tree, an avocado tree, and an apricot tree. We had so much fruit growing that one of young Wes's favorite activities was throwing fruit at cars (when you're a kid an avocado looks just like a gre…