It seems weird to talk about Halloween now, but it's actually the perfect time, before it creeps up on us again.


Have you ever noticed that Christmas is always December 25th, but Thanksgiving is always on the last Thursday in November?  It has nothing to do with birthdays and in some cases not even religious significance, some holidays were just moved around to make them easier to celebrate.

Finally there is a movement afoot to keep Halloween on a Saturday night. The last Saturday night in October to be exact. Since Halloween has long lost any significance as any kind of it's Celtic roots (kind of like how Christmas obliterated the previous holiday Saturnalia), the thought is to "move" the holiday so that it is safer and easier to enjoy.

The first official bill has been filed, in the state of Massachusetts (home of the Salem witch trials) that would have Halloween officially celebrated on the last Saturday in October.  As these things go, it just might be a little bit of a tipping point towards other states, and even the U.S. to recognize Halloween as a cultural holiday and not one that needs to be celebrated on a specific date.

Halloween is too festive and too important to kids to have them relegated to a crummy weeknight. Let's all get behind this effort if it comes to Texas.