This week, we asked you if you think Timothy Poe should be kicked off the NBC television show “America’s Got Talent”. Poe was the contestant who strolled out onto the AGT audition stage, and told the judges an incredible story about how he was injured in military action in Afghanistan back in 2009, developed a stutter as a result of his injury, and that he took up singing as a form of therapy. He also submitted a photo to AGT producers of another veteran and told them it was him.

The question was posed to you on Facebook and on our website. We also took a lot of great calls with strong opinions on the radio. Here’s a sample:

Poe didn’t just lie. Practically every word out of his mouth was made up. Some think the fact that his lies were based on false military service make it an even worse offense. Yet, some people think we should look past that and judge Timothy Poe based on his audition on the show.

I think it’s only fair to mention that Poe did apologize for his actions, in his own, awkward way.

Based on the calls and comments, we’ve put together this poll to get the official opinion of how Abilene feels about the subject.