Recently, we reported about Dallas Cowboys wide receiver, Dez Bryant, being arrested for domestic violence after allegedly hitting his mother. Several former Cowboys, including Roger Staubach, have weighed in on the situation - Staubach even suggesting the Cowboys should "cut the chord" with Bryant.  Do you agree?

In a recent interview, the Hall of Fame quarterback, who had his own problems back in the day with a running back named Duane Thomas, was asked about Bryant.

"You still want to help them, but you get to a point where, is it affecting the rest of the team?” Staubach said  “Once that happens, that’s when you’ve got to cut the cord. But you’ve still got to do what you can. Coach (Landry) tried to work with players, but if it didn’t work out, you were gone.”


Not only has Staubach given his two cents about Dez, but also former wide receivers Michael Irvin and Drew Pearson, also seem dumbfounded about the situation.

"To say this is totally out of the realm of possibility, I wouldn't be totally honest," Irvin said. "We know (with) Dez's background and his upbringing that he may have the proclivity to make bad decisions, Irvin said. I had that proclivity. But to go this distance with it is a bit far."

It's so sad to see someone with so much talent have so many off the field issues.  In my opinion, you don't hit your mother and if that is what he did, perhaps he should not only be let go by the Cowboys, but banned by the NFL as well.  Sad, but true.

So what are your thoughts on this?  Should the Cowboys get rid of Bryant?  Take our poll and feel free to comment as well.