Pinterest is a fun, online pin board. Everything can be found on this site; from recipes, travel, arts & crafts and DIY projects, clothing and more. Here are a few of my favorites to look for on Pinterest.

  • Arts & Crafts

    I love all the cool ideas people post like using converted hangers for flip-flop storage or dipping the stems of wine glasses into chalkboard paint so you can personalize them for parties. I found out that you can use frozen grapes instead of ice cubes to keep a glass of wine cold. I also made coasters for my outdoor table, an idea I got from Pinterest. Anytime there's a holiday, you will find great gift ideas. There are a ton of decorating ideas and home crafts as well as jewelery ideas and fun stuff for the kids to do as well.

    Shay Hill
  • Vacation Information

    I can't get enough of the travel pics that people post. I particularly like the beach/ocean so anytime I see a beautiful picture of a beach destination, I re-pin. I have found some places in Borneo, Bora-Bora, Tahiti, Virgin Islands, China and even here in the U.S. that I would give anything to visit. Sometimes it's just pictures of these places but often times when you click on the picture it will take you to a website link for that destination to get more information.

  • Recipes

    My most favorite part of surfing Pinterest is finding great recipes. There are some awesome recipe ideas on Pinterest and cooking ideas too.There are tons of desserts, quick and easy recipes, party ideas and more. Definitely check this out around big holiday's like Thanksgiving, Halloween and Christmas.

    Shay Hill
  • Fashion

    They put clothing together with all the accessories included. You can find complete outfits that include shoes, jewelry, purses, scarves, belts anything that is needed to make 1 complete outfit. Then you can set out to find items similar to make your own wardrobe.

  • Painting Ideas

    I have gotten into canvas painting. Something I've always wanted to do but had never tried. You can find great ideas on things to paint, ways to use the paintings in decor, tutorials and more. I've even discovered ways to expand my painting from canvas to wine glasses. You can't image the ideas this will spark!

    Shay Hill