Well I told you last week of a contest that A&E is holding for a walk on role with the Duck Dynasty men to promote next seasons show. I mentioned that I was looking at entering (had to check the rules first), contest. Well, I did it!

So now that I've entered I need votes. The top 10 voted photos will make it to the finals. Nine of those winners receive a gift and the Grand Prize winner will get a trip to Monroe, Louisiana to film a commercial with the guys of Duck Dynasty.

It's a small 'walk-on' role to promote the upcoming season of Duck Dynasty. That would just be more than cool to be able to do that.You all know what a huge fan of the show I am. I not only blog about them all the time, I'm even reading their books, talking like them and dressing like them too.

So having said that I need some votes people! Here is the link to my photo or you can visit my Facebook page for the link. You can vote once every 24 hours. Please help get me to Monroe and fulfill a dream.Thanks Jack!!