Severe thunderstorms pounded  their way through Abilene and The Big Country on Easter Sunday producing hail and funnel clouds across several counties. 

Shorty before 4pm, I started getting text messages from the National Weather Service about a severe thunderstorm warning for Abilene.  From that point on, it must have hailed at least 5 different times.  The hail ranged from pea size to quarter size hail at my house.  News reports stated that up to baseball size hail fell across different portions of Abilene.   Judging by a lot of people's Facebook posts, that was definitely the case.

One after another, storms formed along a cold front that was just west of Abilene and became super cells that generally traveled east along the I-20 corridor. Several funnel clouds were reported in Potosi, Abilene, Baird, Clyde and more,  plus several confirmed tornadoes were reported.

All in all, it was some pretty crazy weather as I am sure most of you in Abilene know.  Of course the end result is always flooding - at least where I live.

Here's a little gallery of some hail that ripped across my neighborhood with the a fore mentioned end result - flooding.