Scott Stapp has experienced success every musicians dreams of, but very few reach. But he's also experienced some of the most tragic pitfalls in life, many of those coming at the peak of his multi-platinum career.

Well, Stapp has fought his demons and has come full circle with his new album "Proof of Life". So, he took the time to call in to The Morning After to talk about the album and more.

We talked about his struggles with alcohol and how those demons inspired the song "Slow Suicide". He also offered some words of advice and encouragement to those dealing with addiction today.

As we talked of the personal nature of this album, Stapp said the new album was basically a soundtrack to his book that came out last year, "Sinner's Creed". He says "without the book, I wouldn't have been able to record this album".

Most Creed fans know that their hit "With Arms Wide Open" was inspired by the birth of Stapp's son Jagger. Stapp claims his life with Jagger has come full circle as 15 years ago Jagger inspired that mega-hit and on the new album he has a song that Jagger inspired and helped write.

As we wrapped up the interview, Scott exclaimed his gratitude and appreciation for being able to continue to write music today.

Listen to the entire interview here