Sarah Silverman is one of the funniest women of all time, in my opinion.  She is just hilarious to watch and comes up with some of the most off the wall stuff you've ever seen. So, it was no surprise when she taught Conan how to be really, really dirty with a smartphone.

On a recent episode of Conan, Sarah wanted to show everybody a new little trick on the iPhone - basically giving the term 'crotch shot' a whole new meaning.  Check out the video below which may not be safe for all ages.

Sarah Silverman Shows Conan Dirty Trick on iPhone

I'm not really sure why they blurred it out. I mean it's just a mouth, but I guess it gives the impression that it is a part of the female anatomy, so whatever.  The video is still pretty dang funny.

How many of you have already taken pictures of your mouth on your smartphone and tried this trick?  Yeah, I did too.