So, every Friday morning on The Men's Room, you get to hear Sanchez, along with the rest of us, share his 'dude thoughts'. Well, this Friday (July 5th), we won't have a new round of The Men's Room.

Why? Because Sanchez and his fiance' Stacy will be in Sin City enjoying the final minutes of their engagement.

That's right y'all, they're getting hitched in Vegas. Best of all, they're tying the knot at the KISS Hotter Than Hell Wedding Chapel.

Even better, we can all watch the wedding live online. Since we all can't go to Vegas to be at the wedding, we can still be part of their big day. Besides, it'll be fun to watch Sanchez sniffle like a little girl when he says his vows. He talks tough on The Men's Room, but he's really a big (little) ol' teddy bear.

The wedding will take place Saturday (July 6th) at 7pm Vegas time, which is 9pm Texas, so jump online here and watch the hellish nuptials live from the KISS Hotter Than Hell Wedding Chapel.

Since Sanchez thinks he's a rockstar and Stacy really is a rockstar, I decided to give them one of those Hollywood names by combining their 2 last names. From here on out, they'll be known as HorChez.

In all seriousness, I couldn't be happier for these two. They're two of the greatest people I've ever known and truly consider them my family.