Samuel L. Jackson, known for some of the most amazing roles in recent movie history. Also known for very distinctive voice. Along with that voice sometimes comes a parade of profanity. Well, Samuel L. Jackson delivers one of the most powerful and hilarious 'political endorsements' I have ever heard. It doesn't matter if you're right or left, this stuff is funny. I love hearing this guy talk. You may not agree with what he says but you can't deny this man is as smooth as silk with his delivery.

There is a version of this video that isn't edited, but honestly, it doesn't matter how many beeps or words there are, Jackson knows how to get his point across.

I must warn you though, there are plenty of F-bombs in this that are edited but still a good idea to turn down the volume a bit.

Shortly after this was released, the internet exploded with praise and criticism about Jackson and the video, including Twitter.

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