I think we can all agree that if 'mama' ain't happy, then no one is happy. It's easy to keep the woman in your life, all you have to do is follow the rules. Step out of line in the slightest way and she'll be ticked for weeks. We don't have to understand why they're crazy, we just have to understand what it takes to keep them from 'going off'.

We typically serve up the top 10, but since these rules deal with women, then we need more than just 10.

So, here are the Top 15 Rules for Men to Abide by to Make Living With a Woman Successful.

For example:

  • Never tape any of her body parts together
  • The correct answer to "Do I look fat?" is never, ever "Yes."
  • None of your ex-girlfriends were ever nicer, prettier, or better in bed

Listen to the entire Top 10 here: