Hey,  everybody! In case you don’t look at the credits, it’s Wes here on behalf of the RockShow. We talk about hot women and weird stuff on the radio. We thought that since we pay so much attention to women that it would be easy to step up as spokespersons for breast cancer.

It doesn’t take much to be spokespersons for breast cancer. As they say “early detection is the best prevention,” so all we have to do is keep reminding everyone to take a few moments a month to do self checks.

We love to give out little facts so that the ladies will make it a point to check themselves. We also try to make it less embarrassing for the guys to ask their girlfriends, sisters, moms or whoever if they are checking themselves.  The problem is, when something is so easy, people forget it easily so you have to get yourself on a schedule.

We landed the Facebook page www.facebook.com/rockthepink . We hope you’ll join the page in supporting the fight against breast cancer and the drive towards early prevention. This is a SIMPLE, SIMPLE educational campaign that you can be a part of that could save a life.

Yeah, we love boobies. We’re not going to hide the fact that we are sexist pigs; if we saw one of you ladies was bending over, we’d look down your shirt..and when that happens we want to see healthy, happy boobs! No one loses when you’re cancer-free!  Rock The Pink!

Be listening to score your Pink Rockshow T-shirt, and thanks to our friends from Ashley Furniture for making “Rock The Pink” happen!