Thank you for making the 2012 Fall Ball such a huge success. The sold out show featured Theory of a Deadman with Adelitas Way and Charm City Devils at the Lucky Mule Saloon.

Charm City Devils kicked off the night to a very packed house.To be honest, I don't think I've ever seen a set up band kickstart a concert like Charm City Devils did. They kept the energy at record highs throughout their entire set and absolutely owned the crowd from beginning to end with hits like Unstoppable and Man of Constant Sorrow.

Adelitas Way came up next with an aggression that I've never seen out of those guys before. That was my 3rd time seeing AW and they've taken their stage show to a whole new level. Wow. They flat out beat the stage up last night. I'm sure the girls didn't mind tossing (fondling) singer Rick DeJesus around while he was crowd surfing. You might remember a while back AW was supposed to play Abilene but had to back out because they were invited to tour with Guns N' Roses. Rick and the boys promised to make it up to Abilene and they did...and then some. They brought an all new intensity to hits like Invincible, Sick, and Criticize.

Theory of a Deadman finished out the night with a blistering set of every single hit and then some. They've always been one of the best live shows I've seen but last night they joined the elite. Abilene witnessed a big arena type of show in a smaller, more intimate venue. From the lights to stage set up to electrifying guitar solos and more...this was definitely the best show Abilene has ever seen. The crowd didn't let up as they sung every word to every song, including their cover of 'Got Me Wrong' by Alice in Chains. Now, I knew Tyler Connolly was a great singer, but holy cow, he must have channeled Layne Staley's ghost as he nailed that perfectly.

If you missed the show, then you better be kicking yourself. It was that damn good.

If you took pictures at the show, make sure you Instagram them using this hashtag: #108fallball and the pictures will automatically load below.