Have you heard about the "bathroom bills" that seek to punish trans-gendered people for "using the wrong bathroom"? What about the "religious liberty bills"?


These "bathroom bills" along with the "religious liberty bills" are just ticky-tac b.s. pushed by extreme right factions. They follow a long tradition of politicians creating a problem and offering themselves up as the answer to that problem. Lets be clear here, there are dozens of cases of lawmakers behaving inappropriately in bathrooms and so far, no reports of misbehavior regarding transgender people.

Georgia's Governor recently vetoed a "religious liberty" law. It's a good thing too. Georgia was about to lose millions from it's film industry (The Walking Dead and many more shows are filmed there).  Unfortunately their lug-headed legislature is promising to push it through. Mississippi just signed thier religious freedom law. Nissan and Levi's have already condemned the law.

North Carolina passed their bathroom bill into law. Now, news just came out that PayPal has pulled plans for a 400 person global operations center in Charlotte. To me this is absolutely glorious. These people deserve to be isolated if they want to proclaim themselves above other members of the human race. They can live like the Amish for all I care. Things may get even more dire for North Carolina, because now there's talks of Federal Funding being blocked.

In America "All men are created equal", there is no "except". These laws will make their way around. All it takes is a congressman who values votes more than fairness. We will probably have to deal with them in Texas. Hopefully they'll never be brought up or shot down outright. My concern is our Texas leaders are so arrogant that they think Texas could endure the loss of business these laws cause. Fortune 500 and other top corporations have already put their foot down saying they will not do business in states that enact these laws.  I've always believed that Texas is the state of the "big hat" that everyone is welcome under. Let's hope it stays that way.