Sometimes you run across stories that just have to be shared. This would be one of those stories. Dave Thomas failed to show up in court to pay for two traffic violations and was arrested; his dog "Buzz" was then taken to an animal shelter. When Dave tried to get the dog back they claimed he was a 'stray' and it would cost $400 to get him back. Dave only had $6.00 in his pocket.

He sat by the dogs cage, giving him water and weeping that's when Maria Sanchez, a photographer, snapped a picture of the man and his dog. However, when she learned of the whole story she couldn't find Dave.

Sanchez posted the picture on Facebook hoping someone would help find him or know him and get her in touch with him. Along with that she also posted his story and asked for donations to help him get his friend back. They raised the money and a local news station caught wind of it and helped track down Dave.

Today the two will be reunited and the dog has been fully vetted including a microchip showing Dave as the owner of "Buzz".

We all need a feel-good story every once in a while to help us know that there are still good people out there willing to help someone they don't know, for no reason other than it's the right thing to do!