If you've ever wondered what the inside of the Rock 108 studios look like, then here's your chance to see it. Watch as I take you inside of where all the "magic" happens.

We sometimes get listeners who want to see what the inside of our studios look like. Most of the time, we have to deny those requests simply because it's a little bit of a health hazard. But, we cleaned it up just enough so that I can show you what it looks like to be inside of our radio station.

As you can see in the video (above), it looks more like a teenager's room, or a frat house, than it does a radio station. There's left over food, posters of half-naked women, and lots of band posters among all the junk we keep in the studio. Plus, the smell is a bit overpowering. But, what do you expect from a bunch of dudes who spend 4 hours at a time in the room?