While it doesn’t come packed with bullets, ready to defend your sleeping baby, it should be enough to scare off any trespassing laboratory experiments.

ThinkGeek has just released this inflatable, 40″ life-size Sentry Turret straight from Valve Software’s ‘Portal 2′. First revealed in January during CES alongside other ridiculous items like a Star Trek Door Chime and Lightsaber Ice Pop, it’s finally available for sale for a measly $24.99. What is your family’s peace of mind worth, after all?

From the official description-

“Drastic times call for drastic measures, friends of Science. Aperture Science had to make some cutbacks to the production line when OSHA shut down the main plant. Something about air quality or lead paint in the water pipes. Silly, really. That’s what waivers are for. Anyhoo, we can’t get you any real, bullet-firing turrets, but we did manage to hijack a pool float factory long enough to make a bunch of these inflatable ones.”

It’s just a shame that this doesn’t come with a voice chip of some sort. The turrets in the game were well known for their soothing messages as they tried to riddle you full of bullets. Let ‘Spider-man’ actor J.K. Simmons (playing Aperture Science founder Cave Johnson) explain to you how great these things are.

[Via Think Geek]