Yes, welcome to my "Pot Farm". "Pot Farm" is just like any of the Facebook build/improve/level up games out there, but I really enjoy the subversive nature of it. It's almost like playing a Cheech and Chong movie. I also think it's important for me, as a non-smoker, to stand up for those who choose to smoke. Yes, I am 100% behind legalizing it. I also think that now is the time because it could shake a lot of states and even the U.S. out of our current budget funks. But whatever, none of this has to be political, you can play the game and pretend you're planting bushes. Just remember to "buy protection" or you'll get busted by Ranger Dick like I did. Click the big pic to get your own "Pot Farm". And don't forget to drop by the "Gorockshow" farm every now and then.