There is a game on Facebook called Jungle Safari. Like a lot of Facebook games, it’s very addictive. I’m not hatin’ here, but if you want to play more than a couple minutes your friends have to help you out, or worse, you have to pay.

The problem with Facebook games IS that they make you pay a little at a time.  So, over time, you’ve spent a lot but you didn’t realize it because it was only five bucks at a time.

So anyways, I started thinking, rather than spend five bucks at a time, we’d just go buy some $40 PC game and we’d get everything all at once.  Well I headed to a ‘media superstore’ and I couldn’t find nothing like these current ‘bubble busting’ games that are all the rage (in addition to Jungle Safari, Bubble Witch is really popular too).

Now, there’s a lot of these games out there but they kind of lack the rich graphic experience of Jungle Safari. So my question to you is, do you know of any games that might satisfy all of the people hooked on “Jungle Safari” that can just be purchased? Please help us get this monkey off our backs and break the spell of the bubble witch!