Earlier today Facebook was acting up (it does that a lot lately) and the world started freaking out because we couldn't view our favorite pages. Not only do I keep up with all of my friends on Facebook, but I also use it to show you cool people all the neat things we have on our website. So, instead of waiting for Facebook to fix itself, I decided to use alternate means of driving traffic to my website. I made a sign and stood by the street in hopes of passersby seeing the sign and going to our site.

Now that Facebook is fixed (again), I have no need to stand on the road, but why not have a little fun with a picture that was taken when I was out there.

Just right-click and save the image above and add your own funny picture to my sign. Once you do that, upload it to the form below and I'll add it to the Rock 108 website.

As a matter of fact, my good buddy Scott did just that and added a picture of Justin Bieber to the sign (below). While I'm not a fan of Bieber, that was pretty damn funny.

Now, I'm all for doing stupid stuff at my own expense, all I ask is that you keep it somewhat clean. We're looking for funny, not disgusting.

Have fun. Just remember, you must add you image to the sign. We can not do that for you.