No matter what genre of music you listen to, you have probably heard of Phil Collins whether as a solo artist or in the band Genesis.  I was reading up on him retiring and I found this video of the song "Land of Confusion" which was covered by Disturbed, but with a twist.  Now, most of you who do know me, know I like my music on the heavy side, so me writing a blog about Phil Collins retiring might come as a shock.  I actually like Phil Collins and Genesis. I remember he did a lot of work on the original  Miami Vice series  and had a bunch of songs on that show and I  remember his video for the song "Land Of Confusion" where it featured puppets.  That video to me, was pretty cool.

Obviously other artists of our genre respected and liked Phil Collins work so much, that they covered some songs from him.  Nonpoint redid "In The Air Tonight" which is really cool and Disturbed most recently redid "Land Of Confusion".

Anyway, for  the real  point of this blog: I was reading about the retirement of Phil Collins and I found a video with the original footage from Genesis's version of "Land Of Confusion" but with Disturbed music.

Check this out!

While we are on the subject of Phil Collins and cover songs, here is Nonpoint's version of "In The Air Tonight"