Football time is here, in case you hadn't noticed. Yes, time to pull out the lucky jersey's, stock the snack cabinet, and get the couch ready for the season. The Manning brothers, Peyton and Eli, are helping get you ready for the upcoming season rapping about the fact that you can get Football On Your Phone. Yes, I said rapping!

You would never associate these two clean-cut guys doing a rap but this new Direct TV video is hilarious. Both Peyton and Eli dress up in full rapper-regalia and front a song that will stick with you long after you watch the video. (Sorry)

They have hot ladies backing them up and repeating the lines 'football on your phone' as they walk the street seemingly telling everyone how passe it is to use your phone for talking since now you can use it to watch NFL Sunday Ticket Max.

This is so far from what you picture these two doing it's hilarious. And again, I apologize. This song will stick with you.