Yesterday (May 6th) Paul Crosby, drummer of the band Saliva, called in and we talked about their new lead singer, their new album and the show at The Lucky Mule.

Longtime singer Josey Scott, who was with the band for 15 years, left the band in 2011. This was a huge blow to a band that had been very successful with songs like "Click Click Boom", "Always", "Your Disease" and more.  At first, the band didn't know what to do as far as staying together as Saliva. But, after thinking about, the band decided to find another singer and move forward.

Now, they're back with new singer Bobby Amaru, a new album, and a tour.

Paul Crosby, drummer for Saliva, called in to the studios and we talked about their new singer, the new album and their show that's coming up this Thursday (May 9th) at The Lucky Mule Saloon.

Some of the things Paul had to say:

"This is going to be one of the realest records we've written in a long time"

"We love Josie (Scott) and we're happy that's he's doing good in his life...but, Saliva wasn't just Josie..."

"We wanted to write this record for our fans"

Chaz Interviews Paul Crosby of Saliva