Remember, as a kid, how your parents might punish you by taking some of your stuff away? I remember how mad I would get, however I never got this upset. Check out the video of this dude freaking out because his parents took his game away.

So, this dude's brother actually planted a video camera in his room to capture this kid freaking out all over the place because his parents took away his "World of Warcraft" account. I'm not sure if this is made up or real, but in any case, this boy needs some serious talking or  he needs an ass whooping.

This video is not only hilarious to me, but it's jacked up because why in the heck would you smack your head with your own shoe just because your parents took something away from you.

Pretty stupid if you ask me.

Wow, right? Ever freaked out that bad because someone took something from you? Actually, come to think of it, I do remember a time when I sort of freaked out like that, but that is a different story and involves cold steel bars and crappy peanut butter surprise meals.

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