Got a camera on your phone? You bet, nearly everyone does. So what does it matter if you got a camera on your camera?

Nikki Sixx saw a fan (a keyword in the discussion) taping a Motley Crue performance so he jumped into the crowd to try to take the camera away from him. This doesn’t make you a bad-ass, it makes you a dumb-ass. First off, when you truly reach badass status you have henchmen (like security and roadcrew) to do the dirty work for you. Second, when everyone in the audience is filming you with something, how do you decide what is acceptable or not? It’s really kind of old school and stupid to think you can stop people from doing these things any more. All you can do is try to limit it to hand-held devices. Even then, we’re not that far away from hand held cameras with HD and some steadcam features. So far though, I haven’t seen a single bit of fan shot video ANYWHERE that compares with a pro shot HD dvd.

Lastly, I’ve yet to see Nikki face of against somebody his own size or bigger. He tends to choose the ones he thinks he can “take.” Nikki, grow up, get some balls and catch those old residual checks, you’re not going to stop filming at concerts.


Just in case you haven’t seen it, here’s the video.