From T.O's infamous "magic marker celebration", to Deion Sander's dancing after a score , celebrating a touchdown in the NFL used to be entertaining. So why did the NFL take the "fun" out of scoring?

I was thinking about this after watching the Jets beat the Patriots in an AFC divisional playoff game. The Jets were up by a touchdown and threatening to turn the lights out on the machine known as the Patriots.  The Jets score to put the game out of reach, and the Jet's Shonn  Greene celebrates by using the football as a pillow.  Too much? I don't think so.

I like football for several reasons. The grueling competitiveness of the game itself, the cheerleaders, the entertainment value, the commentary - every aspect of the game.  So why in the heck, can't players celebrate their success with their teammates - even excessively.  I am not saying EVERY touchdown should be celebrated as if the Super Bowl was just won.  I am just saying that the players should be able to use their own discretion and,  by gosh, if they just scored the winning touchdown, or put the game out of reach, celebrate the hell out of it, even if you use the football as a prop.  If your down by 4 touchdowns and score in a lopsided contest, then obviously it is not a time to celebrate.  I just think that it is funny and entertaining to see someone go over the top with their celebrations. I enjoyed it, and I would like to see more of it.  With that said, here are some of the most epic touchdown celebrations, from the past,  set with some Ozzy!