Ever since I can remember being a baseball fan, I've been a New York Yankees fan. Growing up, one of my heroes was Willie Randolph, so learning that I would get to interview him sent me into orbit.

Well, Randolph now has a book out chronicling his decades in baseball and he took some time to call in to chat about "The Yankee Way".

After asking about the timing and inspiration of the book, Randolph commented that while he's been experiencing "the lean years" as he looks for another coaching job, he felt this was the best time to share his story.

Randolph grew up in New York City and was a Mets fan. While in the Pittsburgh Pirates minor league system he learned he'd be traded to the Yankees. During our chat, he talked about the history and pride of playing for the Yankees, in the city he grew up in.

A couple of years ago, Randolph attended a Yankees game with his son and decided he'd have fun with the future Hall-of-Famer, Derek Jeter, by heckling him. Jeter finally recognized Randolph and they exchanged a few fun words. Randolph says "I can finally die and go to heaven because I got to heckle Derek Jeter at Yankee Stadium".

Listen to the entire interview here.