There’s a new restaurant getting ready to open its doors in Abilene. Shogun Steak and Sushi Bar has taken over the space that used to be Asia Buffet on the corner of South Danville and South 14th Street.

We’ve been hearing this since last October, as Shogun had originally projected their grand opening for December 2011. That date has obviously come and gone, but it looks as though there is a light at the end of the tunnel for the Shogun restaurant in Abilene. The sign outside shows that Shogun Steak & Sushi Bar is now hiring, and anyone interested in interviewing can call (214)205-9088.

I was given a sneak peek at the progress inside the restaurant, and there is clear progress being made, with the additions of a bar and several hibachi-style tables. Tables and chairs are in the building, piled up into a corner while cooking vents are being installed and the restaurant awaits the arrival of grills that go inside the dining tables. I was told by a worker that they hope to be open for business within a month.

Check out this photo gallery and take an inside look at the future Shogun Steak & Sushi Bar in Abilene, as of now. It will be interesting to see what it looks like when opens.

Will you be going to Shogun? What kind of restaurant would you like to see come to Abilene?