Today is a big day for our good friends Saving Abel. Today, they release their 3rd album 'Bringing Down the Giant'. You've already heard the title track, but you probably haven't heard 'Constantly' and we want to know your thoughts about the new song.

They literally cover the gamut on this album with songs ranging from hard rock to pop to ballad. Songs like 'Pictures of Elvis', 'Michael Jackson's Jacket', 'Bringing Down the Giant' and 'Constantly' are songs that could stack up against any of the greats.

In the Test Flight Challenge, I want to know your thoughts about one of their new songs that I just mentioned. The song is 'Constantly'. In my opinion, this is one of those songs that can define a bands career, but my opinion doesn't matter...yours does.

Does it fly or does it die?

'Constantly' is our feature song on the Test Flight Challenge. Give it a listen to let us know what you think. Simple as that.