The weekend is rolling up on us and as this heat wave continues, most of you, including myself, look to things to do inside.  I mean, screw being out in the heat if you can help it, right?  One of those things, of course, is checking out a flick at the movie theater.  So, let's take a closer look at some of the movies coming out this weekend. 

Conan The Barbarian

I'll start off with probably the most intriguing flick, at least to me, and that's "Conan The Barbarian".  I have said it before, that this remake will blow the original away and not because it's flashy and well produced with lots of effects - OK, so maybe that's part of it.  But, the dialogue itself has GOT to be better than the original.  Not to mention the fact, that this is an R rated movie which means (or I hope it does) that there will be lots of gore and blood and stuff.  Don't get me wrong, I loved the original one and in it's time, it was cool, but this one looks  bad ass  Check it out for yourself.

5 Days of War

This movie stars Rupert Friend, Val Kilmer, and Andy Garcia and looks pretty good.  It's about a journalist and cameraman that get caught up in the conflict between Russian and Georgia. I like war movies, especially if they are rated R like this one is. Check it out.

Fright Night

This movie is a remake of the classic 1985 flick about a dude that finds out a vampire (Colin Farrell) lives next door. Honestly, I must have lived under a rock in '85 because I don't recall seeing the original one.  The 80's are sort of a blur for me for several reasons I won't go into.  Anyway, check out the remake which is rated R.

Spy Kids: All The Time In The World

The fourth movie in the franchise has Jessica Alba in it.  Sold! Hotness, as she is known to most, plays a retired spy turned mother who gets thrown back in the game when this dude creates a device that can stop time and destroy the world.  This will be a great family flick for even Dad to enjoy.  It's rated PG.

So, that's my little preview of new movies in theaters this weekend. Now, that you made it through that, why don't you treat yourself to the Hot Twitter Girl of the Week, or check out our contest section to win some free stuff like cash, trips, electronics and more.

Oh, and don't forget the popcorn.